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Joyce Arita-Liberman

A Message from

Joyce Arita-Liberman, General Manager

An Exciting Year in 2017

Aloha Kakou! 2017 is anticipated to be an exciting year for Pacific Guardian Center. A few of our more significant building projects are wrapping up this year including the elevator modernization, security upgrades including additional cameras and building access system upgrades and we will be continuing our renovations to the common areas of several multi-tenant floors in the towers. We have a full schedule of fun filled tenant events planned throughout the year. We already kicked off the Chinese New Year with the Hawaii Lion Dance Association who performed amazingly to celebrate the year of the Rooster. In April, we will be hosting our annual Earth and Health Fair which promotes sustainable products and practices and healthy habits in which we can all use in our daily lives. Spring is one of the best times to learn about the many green initiatives going on both at Pacific Guardian Center and in the greater Honolulu area. We encourage you to come to our 2017 Earth and Health Fair on April 21st in the courtyard and hopefully be inspired to find ways to contribute. We will also be hosting our first annual health & wellness programs during the month of May!

Mahalo nui loa for choosing Pacific Guardian Center. It is our pleasure to assist you!

Clarissa Marquart

A Message from

Clarissa Marquart, Operational Manager

Several capital projects are ready to begin in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2017 and so we appreciate your support as we continue to improve the look and operation of our property.

Access Control

Recently the most popular tenant question has been: When can we return our old keyfob? Answer: Upon full activation of our new access control system (for the Towers, DTB and Parking Garage) which is currently 90% completed. We are presently working with DTB tenants to distribute new keyfobs for before/after hour access. After Management completes this distribution process (earmarked to be complete in April), we will be contacting tenants regarding a targeted return date of their old keyfobs. Thank you for your patience.

Elevator Modernization

Elevator Touchpads

We are proud to announce that we are finally in the “home stretch” of our elevator project. We are truly appreciative of your support and patience over the past 2 years to accommodate the modernization of our elevators at PGC.

We are now in a new technological arena with the activation of our “smarter” destination dispatch system in both towers. Riders can now select their floor numbers by pressing modern touchpads at each Mauka and Makai landing and be “dispatched” to an elevator that will take them to their destination in the shortest travel time.

Friendly Reminders:

Our new dispatch system has a “smart grouping” function that works optimally when the touchpads are activated properly. Each rider must press his/her own destination floor button (no “piggy backing please”, especially when travelling in groups) so the system can accurately account for the actual number of riders in each car, and reduce the possibility of a crowded elevator cab.

The keypads go into “sleep mode” when they are not in continuous use. Riders can simply “touch” the screen in any location and the button icons will appear and will be ready for activation.

Pressing the ADA Accessibility button on the elevator call pad provides verbal instructions. The verbal instruction will direct the user to left, right or behind depending on the direction of the assigned elevator. To guide and accommodate a rider who needs extra time to travel to the elevator entrance, the audible car identification will be repeated and the elevator doors have been programmed to remain open longer to accommodate the rider.

We have received favorable comments regarding the refreshed look of our elevator cab interiors, re-painted elevator entrances and/or adjoining walls. We kindly request that tenants assist us in prolonging the life and beautiful appearance of these finishes by requiring their delivery vendors to use the freight elevator when travelling between floors. All delivery and mail carts travelling through the elevator lobbies should have padded edges.

Creativity in Public Places

Clarissa Marquart of Pacific Guardian Center (PGC) and PM Realty Group (PMRG) appears on Community Matters with Jay Fidell to talk about creativity in public spaces and the new bike repair station at PGC. With the move to get more people out of their cars and riding bikes, this station fills a new and growing need for bicycling in Hawaii. To view the whole video segment please visit

Green Corner

LEED and related logo is a trademark owned by the U.S.Green Building Council and is used by permission.
Pacific Guardian Center would like to encourage our tenants to involve their employees in Thinking Green in 2017. Here are some practical and engaging employee educational ideas that enhance your organization, Hawaii, and our planet:

  1. Set up a pedometer competition amongst staff members (go to or like sites for ideas).
  2. Develop “green actions” tenants can employ at work or at home (go to or like sites for ideas).
  3. Add a tag line such as “please consider the environment before printing” on all emails.
  4. Optimize the energy settings for computers and other devices
  5. Set up a recycling competition between departments (go to or like sites for ideas).
  6. Encourage video-conferencing; tele-meeting to reduce travel
  7. Promote employees to electronically distribute documents (via software programs such as Dropbox, Google docs, Sharepoint, BUYERZONE, etc…).
  8. Promote recycling of envelopes, etc. instead of depositing them in the refuse receptacles.
  9. Encourage re-usable drinking cups, bottles, etc.
  10. Encourage employees to carpool or ride their bike to work.

‘LEED’ and related logo is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used by permission. For more information about LEED Silver Certification for Commercial Buildings:


Matthew Liboon, Property Coordinator

Matthew Liboon

Meet the newest member of our team at Pacific Guardian Center, Matthew Liboon, our new Property Coordinator.

I’m very excited to be joining the PGC team as the building Property Coordinator. A little about my background – I grew up in Orange County, California, attended Tesoro High School and graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I have held various positions in the real estate industry in Southern California with companies like CBRE and PMRG. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with friends hiking, reading, and working out. I am very eager and excited to be here with the PGC team. Please feel free to drop by the building management office if you have any questions or would just like to say aloha.


"Year of the Rooster"

Chinese New Year

Kung Hee Fat Choy! The start of “The Year of the Rooster” began with excitement as we celebrated Chinese New Year in the Plaza. As always, theme colors for Chinese New Year were red and jade. Jade represents “good luck” and “virtue” while red represents “expansion” and “great harvest”.

During our celebration, tenants and visitors got a chance to participate in our New Year festivities with an exciting and rousing Lion Dance performance from Hawaii Lion Dance Association. Tenants were also able to enjoy the performance with our tenant giveaway, a good luck Chinese almond tea cookie from Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery. What a way to kick off our new year!

Storage Units Now Available!
Storage Units

Storage Units within the PGC parking garage are available for lease.

Prices from $100 to $690 per unit per month (depending on square feet) 32 sf to 365 sf.

Fully lit, self-contained space that is equipped with fire sprinklers, raised flooring and a secure locking system.

If interested, please call the Building Management office at 537-6132

HNL auto detailing & tint
HNL Auto Detailing & Tint

10th Floor Parking Level Auto Detailing Prices Starting at $20
Tinting Prices Start as Low as $59

For more information, please visit and call 808-721-3632 for appointments!

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm

Open for Business and Renewals

To all our new tenants, our warmest welcome, and to all our existing tenants, thank you for your continued business.


  235The Children’s Law Center, LLC

  320Dennis W.S. Chang

  336Ansaldo Honolulu JV

Makai Tower

  152Ditech Financial LLC

  165Gibo & Gibo Hair Corp.

  1835Premier Alliance Group dba Root9B

  2160Cache Valley Electric Co.

  2555WWWorld Media


  100Aloha Data Services, Inc.

  1510Hawaii-Western Investment Services, LLC

  1695MCI / Verizon

  2090Nakashima & Ching

  2375Trex Enterprises Corporation

Vacant Suites

Pacific Guardian Center has office space available ranging from a 354 SF office to a full-floor suite (14,139 SF) with ocean views! Please give our leasing agents at Hawaii Commercial Real Estate a call at (808) 440-2770 or visit them in Suite 151, Makai Tower.

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Mark Your Calendars

2017 PGC Plaza Events

Monday, 7/03: Independence Day

Friday, 9/29: Oktoberfest Celebration

Tuesday, 10/31: Halloween Spooktacular

Friday, 12/15: Wassail Event

Annual Fire Drill

Pacific Guardian Center’s Annual Fire Drill will be taking place this June with the exact date to be announced. We appreciate everyone’s participation in last year’s fire drill and we expect that this annual fire drill will move smoothly and efficiently. Within the next few weeks we will be sending out a memo with more detailed information.

Free Wi-fi

Welcome to Pacific Guardian Center’s Wi-Fi Hotspot! This is a FREE wireless Internet access service provided to the tenants and guests of Pacific Guardian Center. So, in addition to the beautifully landscaped courtyard, you can also enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi on your smartphone or laptop. To connect, simply search your available networks and select “PGC-WIFI.” No password is needed and we hope you find this amenity useful.

Pacific Guardian Center

2017 Building Holiday Schedule

Memorial Day:Monday, 5/29

Independence Day:Tuesday, 7/04

Labor Day:Monday, 9/04

Thanksgiving Day:Thursday, 11/23

Christmas Day:Monday, 12/25

Just a quick reminder that services such as After-Hours air conditioning or visitor access to Pacific Guardian Center will not be available during Building Holidays without prior written request to the Building Management Office. Please be sure to submit your requests no later than 3:00PM of the previous work day in order to receive service. Requests can be emailed to, hand delivered to the Building Management Office (Makai Tower, Suite 1270), or by fax to 533-2047.

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