Building Policies

Listed below are some general policies. Please refer to your lease or contact the Management Office with any specific questions.

  • Move In/Out Policies
  • Parking
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Signs
  • Solicitors
  • Smoke Free Building

Move In/Out Policies

  • The Property Management Office MUST be notified at least three (3) days prior to move-in/move out via tenant request form. Please email the tenant request form to
  • All debris is the responsibility of the tenant and should be removed before regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • The loading dock is the only building entrance permitted for large moves.
  • Please use the freight elevator ONLY for moving furniture and equipment from the ground floor to your suite floor.
  • Protective material MUST protect all common corridor and lobby floors.
  • All door jambs must be protected by a material such as cardboard or cotton padding.
  • The entrance doors (building and suite) must be protected by furniture pads or cotton padding.
  • All walls and corners must be protected with protective material.


Neither tenant nor its employees shall park their vehicles in any parking area designated as visitor parking for Pacific Guardian Center. Neither tenant nor its employees shall leave vehicles in the Center’s parking garage overnight nor park any vehicles other than automobiles or four-wheeled trucks in the Center’s parking garage without management’s prior approval. For all parking questions and request please contact the Parking Office at (808) 532-0200.

Rules & Regulations

Pacific Guardian Center is committed to providing quality office space managed with professionalism and an experienced eye for detail. Your help in meeting these standards is greatly appreciated. The following common-sense rules protect everyone and are intended as a broad outline only. See your lease for a more specific enumeration of tenant obligations:

  1. Please do not block the halls, courts, elevators, and other public spaces or use them for any purpose other than traveling to and from your office. This rule includes storage of freight, merchandise, displays or showcases in any common area used by people outside your own firm.
  2. Please do not alter the exterior appearance of the building by installing signs, advertisements, notices or other graphics on exterior walls, or interior surfaces visible from outside, without prior permission. Similarly, electrical fixtures hung in offices or other spaces along the perimeter of the building, which affect its exterior appearance, must be fluorescent of a color and type previously approved in writing by the Management Office.
  3. Interior signs on doors and any directory tablet shall be of a size, color, and style acceptable to the Management Office.


Tenant will not use any method or type of display or window advertising without management’s prior written approval which shall only be given if the proposals are considered by management to be consistent with the Pacific Guardian Center’s character. No windows, glass doors or any other light sources that reflect light into the lobbies or other places of the buildings shall be obstructed or covered except in a manner approved in writing by management.


Canvassing, peddling, soliciting and distribution of handbills or any other written materials in Pacific Guardian Center are prohibited and each tenant shall cooperate to prevent the same. Landlord reserves the right to eject from the Center any solicitors, canvassers or peddlers and any other class of persons who, in the judgment of landlord, are annoying or interfering with any of tenant’s or landlord’s operations or who are otherwise undesirable.

Smoke Free Building

There shall be no smoking in Pacific Guardian Center. This includes, without limitation, in the tenant’s premises, the common areas on individual floors in the buildings devoted to elevator lobbies, foyers, corridors, fire vestibules, electric and telephone closets, restrooms, mechanical and service rooms servicing Pacific Guardian Center, janitor’s closets, and other similar facilities for the benefit of all tenants and invitees. Smoking is permitted only in designated outdoor common areas of Pacific Guardian Center. Smoking shall mean the carrying or holding of a lighted pipe, cigar or cigarette of any kind, or any other lighted smoking equipment or the lighting thereof or emitting or exhaling the smoke or vapor of a pipe, cigar, or cigarette of any kind. Each tenant shall cooperate to enforce this prohibition, including giving notice of such to its employees. This is in accordance with the City and County of Honolulu Revised Ordinance No. 41-21.2(f), and No. 41-21.2(g) and Hawaii Revised Statute No. 382K-2(8).